Museum of History
A preeminent exhibition dedicated to researching and recording the historic account of human accomplishment, essence, beliefs, attitudes, vision, and goals.




Hall of Explorers
That there shall be a church, and parish priests or friars to administer the sacraments, to perform divine worship, and for the conversion of the Indians. — Christopher Columbus on Espanola 1494.




Hall of USA
General highlights of the history of the United States from the early days of the Revolutionary War through the sitting chief justices of the Supreme Court. This hall also includes highlights of the American West and the FBI most wanted.

Hall of Rhetoric
An ancient art of researching, inventing, organizing, stylizing, and presenting a case designed to awaken an audience to a belief, position, course of action or to entertain.




Hall of Women
This hall is dedicated to an understanding of women’s great moments, exceptional minds, remarkable talents, infamous actions, scientific discoveries, and celebration of individuals.