The Door

“It’s cold.” Those were my first thoughts when I entered the room. The white walls coupled with pale floors. The white coats, and the high polish to every surface – unused, unwelcoming, sterile, horrifying.

“So, Doc. What kinda experiment ya’ say we running again?” I said in a joking tone, I tried to breathe life into the room but it was smothered by the blank stares of everyone in the room.

“Step this way Mr. Jameson. It won’t take long.” The man in the stark white coat, glasses that caught the light in such a way you couldn’t see his eyes, gestured towards a door. It was solid black, unusual. I could feel it drawing me in as I stared. Somehow the cold room was looking like a much more appealing location. The door had a visual heaviness that was unexplained, like gravity was finally visible. Is this what a black hole feels like? Devoid of everything and yet full of… something.

“W-What is that Doc? No one mentioned ’bout some strange door.” I stammered unable to take my eyes from the door. Where does it go? Why didn’t I see it when I first walked in? What the Hell is it? “A-All I want is my hundred bucks ya’ promised me, I’m still going to get that if I… If I go in there? What’s i-in there anyways?” I could hear the other people in the room furiously scribbling on paper – had the experiment begun?

“Yes, Yes Mr. Jameson. Just go in the room and all will be revealed. The whole thing should take about ten minutes and then you are free to go. The woman you met at the front desk will write you the check when you are done.”

“A-Alright I ‘spose…” I began walking across the room to the door, it must’ve been fifty feet in total… Just fifty steps… Forty-Nine…. Forty-eight… The door pulls at me, I can’t look away. I can hear the scientists talking, they sound like they are getting miles away. Every step feels like I cross a mile. Twenty-Five… Twenty-Four… I’m sweating… Why the hell am I sweating… It’s just a door, why am I afraid of a damned door? Ten… It’s unexplainable… Nine… My feet feel heavier as I near the door… Eight… Am I paranoid or is everything heavier… Seven… No, closer to the door is definitely heavier, gravity feels like it is condensing, my body crushing… Six… Just five more to go, will I die at the end of this? Five… What the hell did I get into? Four… I can’t breathe… Three… I-I can’t think… Two… The horizon is within reach, so many colors trying to escape from the edges… One… I am standing in front of the door, my breath heavy as though I ran a marathon, my body creaking at every slight movement, I can see myself in the door. I can see myself looking back at me. The face in the door is covered with tubes and pipes, he looks gaunt… I look gaunt… A woman stands behind me… I recognize her… She is crying… “S-Sarah?”

“Go on Mr. Jameson, go through the door – You shouldn’t be here, not yet.”

“What is this place? Where is that?”

“You are here and there Mr. Jameson, go through the door and all will become clear… We will see you in ten.” I step through the door and instantly my entire body feels as though I am being ripped apart… Too Much… TOO MUCH. I pass out.

“Mr. Jameson! Mr. Jameson! Wake Up!”

“Come on Brandon! Please come back to me…”

My eyes open… I see doctors leaning over me, I feel the pressure as they press down on my chest, I can hear the sirens, I can feel the cold, black, heavy, street beneath me, and I feel the pain of the bullet as it rests, a few inches above my heart. I’m alive…


“Yes? Yes, I-I’m right here.”

“I love you, you know that right?”

She laughs, I always loved her smile. “Don’t talk… Shhh… Everything is going to be OK, just try not to talk.”

I’m alive… I’m alive… I’m…

We will see you in ten…